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How to attract clients by email marketing?
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Сообщение How to attract clients by email marketing?
Generating ads for Yandex.Direct The template is used to generate ads for advertising in Yandex. The principle of operation is similar to the template for generating keys. Remember that the length of fields is limited: heading 1 - 35 characters with spaces; heading 2 - 30 characters with spaces; description - 81 characters with spaces; the displayed link is 20 characters with spaces. To truncate phrases in each field, you can go one of two ways: 1. Set the maximum number of characters (gear icon). So you will know for sure that the length of the fields does not exceed the maximum.

But in this case, you will B2C Email List have to manually adjust the mass of ads, since there will be such options: That is, you will have to remove the words that are cut off. To prevent this from happening, use the second method. 2. Limit the maximum number of words. For example, heading 1 is usually set to no more than 2-3 words. This method is less laborious than the previous one. Just review and, if necessary, correct ads before posting, because due to long words, the limit may be exceeded. After compiling ads, they must be moderated. And this is the real pain of advertisers.


For information on how to pass moderation without problems (and legal ways to bypass it), read our guide . Step 4. Getting the result After generating keys and declarations, the report in XLSX format is available in the Task List. There is also a link here where you can check the frequency of the generated keys using the Wordstat parser . This tool makes it possible to remove "null" phrases from the semantic core and leave only those that will bring traffic. If you are generating several hundred or thousand ads, it will take a couple of minutes.

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