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How to appear on Google: optimizing your content to reach th
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Сообщение How to appear on Google: optimizing your content to reach th
Depending on where you search, SEO can be described as anything from magic that produces a spike Phone Number List in organic traffic to a simple list of tasks to complete before publishing content.

Many ignore basic aspects of a successful publication on the web, such as the importance of keyword research, title, good publicity, monitoring and other essential optimization points to appear well positioned on Google or any other search engine.
Use your keywords to appear on Google
Web searching always starts with keywords. But, even knowing this, the tendency is not to dedicate the necessary time to evaluate which keywords should be worked on.

Good keyword planning will reveal what your consumer is looking for and will make all the difference in the quality and quantity of readers of your content.

The best way to get started is to use a keyword research tool , like Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner . Another interesting tool is Google Trends , which shows search trends around the world in real time.


Once you have chosen your keywords, you must find a place for them in your content. You can include them in your page's URL, title, meta description, and image captions, in addition to your written content.

A well-written post ranks better
With all these recommendations on how to optimize your text, it can be easy to forget that a real person is looking for a solution when they search for something on Google. Publishing high-quality posts is the best strategy for you to increase your chances of ranking.
How to write a quality post? Detailed explanations, easy to read, organized structure and relevant images. So, ensure your writing is on par with high-quality, optimized content, like this:
Some people start reading a post at the conclusion , to see if the reading will meet their needs. Try to write a conclusion that summarizes the most important points and encourages these readers to read the full article.

Pay attention here, as this is the first thing your readers will see (unless they are the ones who jump to the conclusions!) The introduction must be eye-catching and demonstrate authority; readers should see as quickly as possible whether your page will offer them the answer they are looking for .

Pay attention to size
Longer posts tend to rank higher in most search positions, so try to keep yours to at least 1,000 words. The extension makes it easier for you to give readers what they want by inserting relevant content and well-positioned keywords.

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